Terms of Use

The given section prescribes the terms accepted by automatically accepted by users who visit to access its content or use any of the services provided. If you disagree with any of the statements or rules below, you must avoid visiting the website to benefit from its services as well as intellectual properties.

Users who accept the Terms

Users who are planning to opt for website services and other issues it contains or delivers, automatically accept all conditions and terms stated in this section. You totally agree with all the points. Only under this condition, you are allowed to browse the website and access its content. If you disagree with some of the points described here, you need to leave the website. administration has the right to implement all necessary changes in the given policy without notifying a user. It is your sole responsibility to track the section for updates or possible amendments. If you continue using the website after the updates, you automatically agree with all new points indicated in this section as well as other terms that refer to the website usage and browsing.

Make sure you read the given section carefully to understand the terms you are about to accept. The policy is divided into several crucial categories describing the rights, limitations, and other issues related to the use of website services and content.

Licensing Terms provides perdition to use the website for registered users who have accepted the given terms as well as Privacy Policy. Once you have signed or logged in, you agree that you do not have the right to use for your commercial purposes, brand promotion, advertising, etc. The website authorities have the right to terminate or limit users’ accounts in case violations are detected.

Users’ Access Limitation Terms

Users are free to use any service delivered by the website. However, they clearly understand it is not for their commercial purposes. To sing in, visitors must be over 18 or be able to ensure 100% parental control. Otherwise, their actions will contradict with the given policy. Every time a user sings or logs in, he or he automatically accepts all of the following:

  • Users are not allowed to sell or transfer the license to any of the third parties.

  • Users are not allowed to distribute license unless it is allowed by the website administration.

  • Users are prohibited to perform deep linking or framing.

  • Users are prohibited to use the website’s licensee for any kind of illegal actions or frauds.

  • Users are not allowed to implement various scamming or hacking programs and software that can be to the detriment of website privacy and performance.

  • Users are not supposed to forward spam letters or any other info to other users.

You should leave your attempts to look into the website code as well as copy or influence it in any way. must never try to generate, process or collect the personal data of other website visitors or subscribers.

Users understand and agree with the fact that they are solely responsible for any kind of illegal actions and steps that interact with the given terms. At the same time, administration is not responsible for malfunctions or website breakdowns resulted in users’ incompatible hardware, software, OS or other parameters.

Content Submission

The section describes the way administration manages content and different materials that can be submitted by other users.

Submission Terms is not responsible for any content and materials submitted by users. At the same time, the website administration has the right to remove inappropriate content, as well as modify in case of necessity. If the content is deleted, website administration is not obliged to notify the user. Please, note that we do not provide any support for users who try to submit different content despite the format. Every time you decide to attach some materials, you act at your own risk of content being removed as well as account terminated in case you violate the points of the given section.

Submission License

Users agree that the website administration has the right to remove, change, delete, edit or process submitted materials in any way without notifying the users. We reserve the right to take any measures without any explanation. Our main mission is to deliver high-quality and secure service to each and every visitor.

Submission Responsibilities and Warranties

Once you have decided to submit any type of content or materials, you automatically agree with the following:

  • The content must never counteract with state laws and regulations.

  • The content must never counteract with the policies and terms established by

  • The content must never be to the detriment of operation as well as its published materials and other types of intellectual property.

  • Users are not allowed to submit content that contains abusive and offensive issues related to racial, gender or any other type of offense that might refer to cyberbullying.

  • Both other website visitors and administration must have free access to all submitted materials.

When we say content or materials we mean videos, images, photos, texts or any other content that can be published by users.

User Account Terms uses necessary security means to keep users’ info safe. At the same time, users agree to take the sole responsibility of maintaining their accounts and personal data. administration is not responsible for any types of frauds or information leaking that may result in the user’s lack of accuracy and privacy. You are not supposed to share your login or password with third parties. Once you have noticed some strange actions within your account contact our support team immediately. Otherwise, we will not be able to help and protect your data.

Property Ownership Terms

Any kind of action that is aimed at using, publishing, transferring or accessing intellectual properties is the violation of the given terms. administration is the only force to process, maintain, update or submit the content that may refer to the intellectual property in any way. The intellectual properties may include:

  • Website design and features.

  • Software, website code, algorithms, plugins or widgets, web technologies, etc.

  • Add-ons, third-party integrations, services.

  • Media files in all formats including images, photos, videos, etc.

  • Website logos, domain names, patents, apps and trademarks, watermarks, music, sound effects.

Website administration has the right to change or update its intellectual properties without notifying its users.

Users’ Warranties and Representation

Users agree to action on behalf of the website and represent the following issues every time they log or sing in. The issues for representation include:

  • Users agree with all terms and policies as well as with the terms of using website’s license, content and other materials available at

  • Users agree to use website services and other features as prescribed by the given policy unless it may contract with the state jurisdiction. administration is free to change the issues and representation terms whenever needed without giving users a note.

Privacy Terms

Each and every action performed by users when browsing the website or opting for its services must never counteract with the rules and statements described in the Privacy Policy section. Make sure you read them carefully before getting started.


All users automatically take full responsibility for their actions when browsing the website as well as using any of its services. In other words, users are the only to be charged for all actions that violate the state laws and jurisdiction as well as website terms and conditions. The website administration reserves the right to disclose the account that violates all the rules and terms as well as share the user’s personal data with the official lawsuit representatives to prevent all possible illegal actions. administration is not responsible for all possible breakdowns or malware that might occur during the website operation. We guarantee to do our best when providing services to the end user. However, it is the user’s sole responsibility to support and maintain his or her hardware, software and other means used to access website content and services.

Website users take responsibility for keeping their personal data safe especially when it comes to submitted materials including images or photos. is not responsible for data loss or leaking. At the same time, users must provide the most accurate and detailed information when completing the registration process. administration does not track or monitor the info indicated by subscribers. In other words, we are not responsible for any mistake or error in other users’ personal info.

Terms to Limit Liabilities

Users must support and maintain their properties and entities. administration does not deal with any of that. Moreover, it is not responsible for damages or detriments to users’ entities even if they appear to be the result of inappropriate actions performed by website affiliates, subsidiaries or partners. Users understand they need to follow third-party terms and conditions in case they turn to other website either they are linked to or not. Make sure you clearly understand the liabilities before getting started.

Terms of Indemnification

All website users realize they will never be able to use website services or access its content unless they agree with all terms and conditions. They clearly understand they must protect website intellectual properties as well as properties of its subsidiaries, partners or affiliates. Users must never perform actions that rest in the company’s losses, extra charges, profit losses, etc. if any of the above-mentioned occur, users agree to provide 100% financial compensation.

Third-Party Products, Website Services, and Content is a website that can deliver a wide range of different services. The website contains different types of content in various formats. Website administration is the only one to manage and update the content whenever needed. Users can only access the website and content s prescribed by the given terms. The same thing refers to products delivered by third-party organizations or affiliates.

Users should note that is not a digital shop or an online marketplace for selling products. We act as the informational resource only providing detailed descriptions and other essential issues related to particular product categories. never deals with product promotion or advertising. For his reason, we are not responsible for content and materials shared by other users as well as affiliate partners and third-party websites. administration does not examine its partner websites as well as affiliates or subsidiaries. It means that we are not responsible for the content they share. Users visit third-party websites at their own risk with an agreement of following third-party terms and conditions. can earn commissions for various types of informational services. For example, the website can display some content shared by third-party websites and organizations within the Affiliate Network.

Terms of Policy Termination administration has full control over the content as well as terms displayed on the website. We reserve the right to update or change the policy any time without notifying users. The website administration can disclose or limit users’ accounts if their actions counteract with website policies. Account termination means a user is not allowed to access website services or content. We may not explain the reason for account termination as well.

Arbitration Terms

1. If the website administration fails to resolve any issue with the user, the case will be reviewed as the arbitration dispute with the exception of issues that do not call for small court claims.

2. The Federal Arbitration Act determines all actions that are aimed at resolving disputes with the help of Arbitration. The process is handled via AAA unless the organization is able to handle the arbitration process in accordance with the government rules or jurisdiction. In this case, representatives and users will have to look for another way to resolve the issue that will meet the interests of both parties. All disputes at less than $10, 000 USD can be resolved without a non-presence arbitration.

3. In case non-presence arbitration is not required, website administration and users can opt for other variants that let them resolve issues remotely via phones, emails, direct communication through written submissions, different applications and services such as online messengers. A combination of different above-mentioned methods can also be applied without the need to establish a physical presence.

4. The matter of the dispute can’t be impacted by any of the third-parties with the exception of arbitrators of needed. All disputes must be resolved between the administration and the user only. The arbitrator must provide a written resolution in two copies for both the website and the user once the dispute has been resolved,

5. The user and administration have the right to turn to the court in case of misunderstandings and quarrels. However, arbitrating is the most preferable way of resolving issues.

6. If the arbitrator fails to help in resolving the issue between and the user or if the arbitrator violates state jurisdiction, both sides have the right to turn to the court.

7. administration guarantees to avoid any public mentioning about the dispute taking place. The user agrees with the same confidentiality terms.

8. The arbitration issues can be waived by both the user and the administration. In this case, the waiver has no right to change or impact other points of the agreement in any way.

9. The arbitration agreement can be popped out by the user any time if needed. If the situation takes place, the user is obliged to notify the administration no later than 30 days before the agreement comes into force. The procedure of applying for the arbitration process requires providing all necessary personal info as prescribed by the agreement. Users are not expected to highlight the reason for popping out.

10. Turning to small court is possible for both of the parties despite the terms in regards to the arbitration process.

11. Arbitration agreement will not expire after administration discloses the user’s account. It remains valid as prescribed by the arbitrator.

12. Users must have a clear understanding that UN Convection never refers to this particular agreement. Moreover, it can never influence the relations between the user and unless it is required during the arbitration process.

General terms has the right to change the way it provides its services as well as the way it interacts with users, subsidiaries, partners or affiliates any time without notifying.

Users agree to accept this statement and the right of website administration to implement all necessary changes updates and issues related to this policy as well as content or services website delivers. Every time the administration makes changes or updates, they must be considered as valid even though the user might not notice them. reserves the right to assign the given terms to other organizations or individuals. Users are not allowed to assign any obligations and rules indicated in the given section to third parties.

Website subscribers and users can get in touch with the support team or the official representatives in regards to any issue. The contact information is available in a particular section on the website.

Keep in mind that some product prices might come with VAT included. ensures Product availability and prices in the time and date of publishing the information on the website. We are not responsible for price tag updates and quantity on the affiliate or partner website.