Small Household Drum Type Coffee Bean Roaster 110v/220v Electric Roasted Beans Roasted Coffee Beans Nut Roasting Machine

Small Household Drum Type Coffee Bean Roaster 110v/220v Electric Roasted Beans Roasted Coffee Beans Nut Roasting Machine
Small Household Drum Type Coffee Bean Roaster 110v/220v Electric Roasted Beans Roasted Coffee Beans Nut Roasting Machine
Small Household Drum Type Coffee Bean Roaster 110v/220v Electric Roasted Beans Roasted Coffee Beans Nut Roasting Machine Small Household Drum Type Coffee Bean Roaster 110v/220v Electric Roasted Beans Roasted Coffee Beans Nut Roasting Machine


Brand Name: CJHZYG

Frequency: 50

Working Method: drum type

Roller Diameter: 14


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Small household drum type coffee bean roaster 110v/220v electric roasted beans roasted coffee beans nut roasting machine
product information:
Name: Coffee bean roasting machine
Working method: drum type
Roller diameter: 14cm
Weight: about 2.6kg
Body specifications: 38*22*20cm
Capacity: 600g
Frequency: 50Hz
Applicable people: the public 


1. The thick drum made of forged and polished imported food grade stainless steel has strong temperature holding capacity, conduction, radiation and convection to give stable heating to coffee beans.
2. Two asymmetrical stainless steel low-position paddles are installed in the barrel to eliminate dead ends, allowing the beans to roll freely in the baking room. There is absolutely no yin-yang bean phenomenon in pan-making.
3. Specially selected low-decibel transmission motor, 25 revolutions for one minute, completely silent during motor operation. By listening to the coffee beans to tell the difference between the degree of dehydration and two life-and-death bursts.
4. With a convenient removable observation window, you can observe the coloring and appearance changes of the beans at any time. The stainless steel cylindrical perforated section allows the smoke to be discharged smoothly during the baking process, rapid cooling and removal of bean skin. Clearly indicate the arrival of each baking stage.
1. Install the motor: Screw the bracket fixing bolt into the screw hole at the bottom of the motor. Pay attention to the height of the center of the motor shaft and the bearing center at the other end of the bracket.
2. Install the roller:
1. Insert one end of the thick shaft of the drum into the end of the motor shaft and tighten the fixing bolts.
2. Put the bearing end of the roller into the bearing seat.
3. Looking down on the roaster after installation, the center of the motor shaft is aligned with the roller and the bearing.
4. Tighten the nut connecting the motor and the bracket.
Three, baking examples:
Preheat 250g of green beans to 100 degrees and pour into the green beans. The whole roasting time is controlled at 25 minutes, among which the dehydration time is controlled at about 10 minutes, and then the first burst time is about 8 minutes, and the second burst is the beginning of the bean.
Complete baking journey experience
We know that the grapes need to be handled carefully to prevent harmful bacteria from interfering with fermentation before making wine. The same is true for green beans that are about to be roasted, a patient and careful selection is also necessary.
Turn on the fire and drum, and warm up the machine to stabilize the temperature of the machine. When the temperature reaches 70 degrees or so, the fire can be temporarily turned off. The thick barrel body will continue to heat the baking chamber to about 100 degrees. At this time, you can stop the rotation of the drum, put on heat-insulating gloves, pull out the observation window, and pour the prepared green beans. Close the observation window as soon as possible, press the rotary switch, and turn on a small fire clockwise.
If the size of the fire source is appropriate, the baking temperature will rise slowly in a parabolic shape, and the temperature rise will be between 8 and 5 degrees per minute. In the meantime, if you find that the heating is too fast, you need to turn off the heat intermittently, but you must restart the heating before the temperature stabilizes, and the baking temperature must not be reversed. About five to six minutes, the color of the beans begins to change. In this first stage, the color will change from dark green to light green, and then to white, but this stage will not suddenly turn brown. The aroma is grassy at first, and before the first burst period, the grassy taste disappears, and the sound of beans also changes from a harder "Cha~Cha~Cha~" sound to a softer "Sa~Sa~Sa~" sound.
After about 5 minutes of planting, the moisture of the green beans began to release in large quantities, and the vent holes could see obvious water vapor discharge. At this time it enters the steaming and roasting stage. The color of the beans changes from brown to light brown in about 10 minutes. Before the first burst, the white central line of the beans was quite conspicuous. After the moisture was removed, the beans shrank. At this stage, the beans are the smallest in size, and then the sound of "Pha~Pha~" starts to appear, and the first burst begins. The vents clearly exhaust smoke, the fragrant aroma is permeated, and the brown of the beans is deeper. The temperature reached about 200 degrees at this time. The fire can be turned off intermittently before the explosion is intensive to prevent the beans from heating up too quickly, and the principle is also to maintain a steady upward curve. It rises by about 2 to 4 degrees per minute.
After two minutes, the first burst finally ended. About 2 minutes later, the second burst started, and the second burst will send out "Chip~Chip~" so we can easily distinguish which burst occurred in the first burst. . After the second explosion begins, the aroma increases, the black folds covering the surface of the beans gradually disappear, the tissue cells are destroyed, and the beans swell. If you want to get a full city (full city) or Vienna, this is the best time to place the beans.
If it continues, the smoky taste will become stronger and stronger, and a lot of smoke will emerge from the vents. At this time, the baking degree is French and Italian baking stage. It is recommended that family players stop baking at this time to avoid unnecessary trouble. For players with adventurous spirits, I hope that after properly turning on the ventilation equipment and clearing the surrounding inflammables, try carefully!
Whether the beans are laid and cooled is clean and beautiful, which largely determines the life and death of a pot of coffee beans. When reaching the predetermined baking level, decisively turn off the fire source and turn on the exhaust fan (opening too early will interfere with the determination of aroma and burst). Put on heat-resistant gloves and move the roaster to the cooling tray carefully and quickly, and pull out the observation window. It's like three 7s in a slot machine. With the rich aroma and smoke, the hot beans poured into the plate. The skinny ugly duckling before baking turned into a plump Cinderella, but it's not yet. When you are happy, if you don't handle the beautiful carriage properly, it will turn back into a pumpkin. Following the principle of rapid cooling, it can be manually cooled in a metal filter basket by shaking and stirring according to personal conditions.
Since the freshly roasted coffee beans will still have some silver skins in them, it is best to cool them in a sink or outdoors. During shaking and stirring, the silver skins will automatically fall from the sieve.
Finally, there has been a lot of controversy about the time to raise beans, or the exhaust time of beans. There are even big companies that use it as a core business secret. But family players don't have to worry about this, because a small amount of baking allows us to choose the degree of baking independently and has a chance to experience all the exhaust time. Enough to find out your favorite flavor!


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