Isheeny 14" 18" 22" Fusion Hair Extensions Blonde Nail U Tip Pre-Bonding Human Hair On Capsuel Europen Natural Remy Straight

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Isheeny 14
Isheeny 14 Isheeny 14


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Product: isheeny human hair with finger nail tip
Material: 100% natural human hair
Quality: European high quality human hair salon Remy
Length and weight:
14 inches = 35 cm, 0.6 g / piece, 50 pieces, only 30 g
18 inches = 45 cm, 0.8 g / piece, 50 pieces. Package, 40g in total
22 inches = 55 cm, 1.0 g / piece, 50 pieces, 50 g
Hair life: usually lasting more than 12 months, hair care
Application suggestions:
·Short hair, want to be long and strong, please buy 200 shares.
·Long hair is thinner. If you want a larger volume effect, please buy 100-150 shares.
·Test or want highlights, or want more volume, please buy an additional 20 strands.


 Q: can isheeny Remy's hair be dyed and printed?
A: Yes, it's a lighter dye with a darker color. Do not recommend lighter colors. It is recommended to select the correct color directly to save dyeing time
Q: can hair be wavy, curly and straight?
A: Yes, you can iron or straighten your hair with an iron. Please don't do it too often.
Q: why is the hair tangled?
A: the hair is disordered due to dryness, oiliness, dirt accumulation, salt water, chlorine or incorrect combing method, High temperature ironing on the hair is also easy to cause hair turbidity. It is recommended to wash your hair 1-2 times a week. Use a wide hair comb or consult your stylist for additional help.
Q: is this Remy's real human hair?
A: Yes, this is the real material of remy hair. We only collect Remy's original virgin hair from a young girl's health.
Q: how to wash your hair?
Answer: how to shampoo, please use mild shampoo. It is recommended to clean 1-2 times a week. (do not use air conditioner, please wash the tape)
Q: what precautions should be taken?
A: Yes, any precautions listed below
After swimming or exercise, please wash isheeny Remy's hair in time.
When using a hot iron, keep the temperature below 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit). The higher the temperature, the easier it is to damage the hair
Never wet your hair. Always make sure your hair is dry and tight, preferably braided, so that it won't tangle at night.